Friday, 4 March 2011

Online Casinos Random Number Generators And Their Role In The Online Casino Gambling

It might be that some games at online casinos are based on developing a skill and that other games are the product of just chance. The truth is that most or all of the online games are games of chance, and because of this truth, every online casino game has a random number generator running the show. This is an application incorporated into a software program that, for lack of a more complex definition, generates random numbers, which are incorporated into the online games. Not all of the random number generators act the same way, for various reasons we will look into, but all must be run through rigorous testing to ensure fairness and a complete lack of bias.

It is easy to figure out what the random number generator is supposed to do in some games, like in European roulette, where it generator has to kick out numbers from one to 37. So, the generator gives out a number, stopping the activity at the casino, then results and responses from everyone are tallied and the cycle begins again.

With craps, the generator needs two numbers spit out simultaneously, to mimic the roll of the dice. In a single deck card game the generator has fifty-two numbers, each representing a card in the deck, to keep track of, so that a card won't be drawn twice during a single game. For blackjack, where a multi-deck situation is needed, there is a more complex formula behind the generation of its numbers/cards.

Some generators have the player create an initial value, which is also random in nature. Something like a time limit on the clock. The purpose of this move is to take the human equation and remove it from the generator. Some random number generators are made up of many generators, with the main one pulling numbers from the randomness of all the other generators, thereby creating multiple layers of randomness, and ensuring a definitive generation of numbers.

To make it fair, random number generator results have to be, well, random. They can't be predictable nor subject to an outside influence. To ensure this, online casino sites have their software tested all the time. eCOGRA is one company that does independent auditing for online gaming sites. These companies have to make sure the generators' algorithms on millions of poker hands and millions of dice rolls are doing just that -- spitting out unpredictable and unbiased results.

As you go around deciding which online casino you'd like to join up with, you might be approached by someone offering you insider "secrets" to winning at online slots or other games. If you want to just through your money away and guarantee a loss, then take these unscrupulous folks up on their shady offers. Otherwise, save your money for the tables, the slots, and the wheels.

The best way to decide on a cybergambling hall is to check the sites out that openly display their independent auditing sources. If you see Certified Fair Gambling, BMM International, Technical Systems Testing, eCOGRA, or PriceWaterhouseCoopers, for instance, then you know the site is reputable. Any site willing to show off that their software is tested regularly is not in it to just take your money and run. They are here to give you a fun time at games of chance that you love.

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